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My carpets look great, smell great, and don’t have the annoying crunchy feel left by other carpet cleaners.

Susan L. Peoria, AZ

Had Next Level Clean our carpet & tile and it turned out great, will definitely call them back.

Bob V. Gilbert, AZ

Best carpet cleaning ever! I never knew there could be such a huge difference in the quality of carpet cleaning services!

Linda Z. Scottsdale, AZ

Not all carpet cleaners are created equal. Carpet looks & smells great! FYI they cleaned my carpets 2 months ago…still look great!

Lisa W. Gilbert, AZ

Incredible! I’ve had my carpets cleaned many times before. I never knew my carpets could be this clean!

Brenda H Glendale, AZ

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If you have had your carpet’s “professionally” cleaned in the past & you we’re left frustrated with the results then the reality is you didn’t have your carpets professionally cleaned…you had your carpets cleaned UNPROFESSIONALLY.
Unfortunately for every experienced professional carpet cleaning company there are 50 wannabe carpet cleaning companies.

This ruins many customers perception of carpet cleaners as a whole and many simply give up on hiring anyone and chose to use store bought cleaning equipment and products which leave them even more frustrated with the poor results and backbreaking work they had to put in.
That is not the best solution though, once you use a REAL Professional Carpet Cleaning Service you will quickly understand what the benefits are

Professional vacuuming to remove ALL dry soil prior to steam cleaning
• Spotting spots so they will be removed instead of “almost” removed
• Protecting your home from scuffs and scrapes, and cleaning up after the job
• Pretreatment loosens dirt & grime that is attached to the carpet fibers
• SoftScrub soiled areas so they clean completely, don’t just “look better”
• Use true steam truckmount cleaning process for a thorough deep cleaning
• Deodorize the carpet to leave it smelling new and fresh
• Exclusive Max-Xtract process: double cleaning passes & speeds dry time

Optional Scotchgard Includes 12 Month Spot & Spill Warranty!

All this is done & more in our Next Level carpet cleaning service. We are so sure that our service is the best we back it up with our Ultimate 30 Day Guarantee.

Our mission is to create raving

fans one customer at a time!

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We are so sure you'll love our Next Level Service that we back it up with our Ultimate 30 Day Guarantee. Our mission it to create raving fans one customer at a time!
We clean, seal, & repair the tile & grout on all types of tile: ceramic, slate, satillo, travertine, porcelain, & more! Ask about our 15 year grout color sealing service!
Whether your furniture needs a freshening up, or you have kids & pets that have done a number on your furniture, we'll restore your furniture to looking & smelling fresh!
We offer some of the best fine area rug cleaning rates & services in the valley AND we include FREE Pick-Up and delivery service! #1 rug spa in Arizona!



Based on a national survey carpet cleaning pricing is one of the top 3 complaints customers have about their last carpet cleaner!

Pricing Guarantee Next Level Carpet Cleaners

How is our pricing TOTALLY different?

First we NEVER double charge for over-sized rooms. Traditional by-the-room carpet cleaners offer a room size limit, generally 150-200 sq/ft per room. If a room exceeds that limit EVEN by just one sq/ft they instantly count it as two rooms and double charge for two rooms! On top of this most cleaners charge for the entire room even furnished areas they are not cleaning under! We didn’t think that was fair!

The Next Level Cleanable Sq/Ft pricing program is very different it allows each room to be cleaned to come with 200 sq/ft, BUT you can use any “left-over” sq/ft in other rooms! (for example 3 rooms comes with 600 cleanable sq/ft total) the total sq/ft can be used between all the rooms vs each room having it’s own sq/ft limit. On top of that we only charge for CLEANABLE area so we only count the exposed areas we are actually cleaning in our sq/ft measurements! This way you get credit for small fully furnished rooms that barely have any carpet and get to use your extra sq/ft in you larger rooms! It’s the honest way!

If you happen to go over the total sq/ft allowed don’t worry we only charge for the EXACT sq/ft you go over (30 cents per sq/ft)…so for example if you go over 10 sq/ft we don’t charge for a whole other room we just charge an extra $3!

Our Carpet Cleaning Options

We let you “roll” extra sq/ft into other rooms!


  • Customer Walk-through
  • Professional Vacuum
  • Spot & Stain (non-dye) Removal
  • Protect Your Home (corner guards)
  • Prespray
  • Pre-Scrub carpet (cleans deeper)
  • Truckmount Steam Cleaning
  • No Residue Rinse w/Soft Water
  • Max-Xtract Cleaning Process


  • Customer Walk-through
  • Spot & Stain (non-dye) removal
  • Protect your home (corner guards)
  • Prespray
  • Truckmount Steam Cleaning
  • Clean Rinse
  • Customer Job Review