Tile & Grout Carenextlevel


Our exclusive grout color sealing process restores & repairs your grout to a better-than-new condition & is backed by our 15 year product warranty!

Thinking about ripping your old tired tile floor out?

STOP, grout color sealing can give you the new floor look at a fraction of the cost!

We use a urethane acrylic color stain to colorize your grout to any color you choose. This process not only changes/revitalizes the color to look brand new, it also provides a 15 year seal on your grout. This permanent seal makes cleaning your grout much easier as nothing can penetrate into the pores of the grout.

What most people don’t realize is by just changing the color of your grout how dramatic of an impact it can have on the entire look of your tile and grout floor.

The “checkerboard” look is out of style and completely dates tile and grout floors. By simply color sealing the grout to match the dominant color in the tile it makes the floor flow, rooms look bigger and it looks like a brand new floor!

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Tile and Gout Cleaning


Most calls I get from customers requesting tile and grout cleaning services have one primary question. Can you actually get the grout to come clean? In short, absolutely. We use professional grade cleaning agents to pre-treat your tile & grout to loosen the dirt, grime & grease that is deeply embedded in your grout lines. We will scrub the grout lines as needed to ensure that all dirt is loosened from the grout. Then using our powerful truck mounted machine we use high pressure & heat to rinse the tile & grout. Our equipment is specially designed so we don’t make any unneeded mess in your home. We pay special attention to your baseboards so they don’t get damaged.

Tile & Grout Restoration Services We Offer:

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning (ceramic, porcelain, saltillo, travertine, etc)
  • Grout Color Sealing
  • Natural Stone Tile Polishing
  • Natural Stone Tile & Grout Sealing
  • Saltillo (Mexican) Tile Sealing & Sealing
  • Tile & Grout Repairs (tile replacement, cracked grout repairs, etc)
  • Concrete Cleaning (Driveways, sidewalks, Concrete floors, etc)
  • Pressure Washing (Home exteriors, garages, pool decks, etc)
  • Shower Tile Cleaning (soap scum, mold, etc)
  • Bath & Shower Re-caulking (cracked around toilets, tubs, etc)