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Dirty Dryer Vents are the #1 cause of household fires!


In the past people never discussed dryer vent cleaning. Why is all of the sudden is it such a big deal? Because present day homes are built differently. In the past, it was pretty much standard to put the washer and dryer on an outside wall. The dryer would only have to go through about 12 inches of tubing to exhaust to the outside.Today, laundry rooms are closer to the center of homes, away from outside walls. It’s common to have 25 feet or more of dryer exhaust duct work. That may be more convenient, but in real life it’s a whole lot of tubing where lint will accumulate. Before you know it the dryer duct is clogged, the dryer is choked, and problems are building up (ruined clothes, high utility bills, broken dryer parts, long dry cycle times, and even fires).

If you live in a home where the dryer happens to be on an exterior wall, you’re STILL NOT off the hook. Chances are you have a white or foil colored (actually NOT real foil but plastic) flexible exhaust hose coming from the back of your dryer to the vent. That stuff is notorious for grabbing onto lint and then trapping it against the duct tubing walls. Ironically, it also happens to be…EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.