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Top Complaints About Carpet Cleaning:

  • Re-soiling and spots coming back – We take the worry out of spots coming with our 10 step Next Level cleaning process backed by out 30 day no spot guarantee!
  • Takes to long to dry – Our Max-Xtract cleaning process ensures fast dry times. Typically 1-2 hours.
  • Had to wait all day for appointment – We provide two hour appointment windows so you get plan your day and not be waiting around for now reason.
  • Tech was scary looking – Our techs are carefully screened and interviewed to make sure only top professionals are representing us in the field.
  • High pressure sales – No pressure here, we consider ourselves privileged to serve you and treat each customer with respect.



BBB “A” Rated – Certified Technicians

Our NEXT LEVEL carpet cleaning process includes;


Even if a homeowner vacuums on a regular basis there is simply no comparison to having your carpet properly vacuumed with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner by a professional who does it several times per day. Fact is even if you are a Dyson or Kirby owner we guarantee we will pull additional dry soil out of your carpet. Dry soil removal is a key step in a proper carpet cleaning process.


Spot removal, most standard spots in your carpet should be included in every carpet cleaning service. Standard spots included; grease spots, sodas spills, soil/dirt, walk areas, etc. Fact is most standard spots will be removed with a proper prespray cleaning agent and steam cleaning…why would a Gilbert carpet cleaning company charge extra for these spot removal services when they would come out with just a standard cleaning that required no additional effort?


It’s so irritating when we clean a customer’s home & we notice all the corners of their walls are marked up. We take special care to treat your home like our own. We place protective corner guards throughout your home to insure that none of our hoses leave marks in your home. Just another step we take to take our customers carpet cleaning service to the NEXT LEVEL.


Prespray (pretreatment), this is the BIG one. This is the most common step some carpet cleaners will leave out of their pricing.

“PAY ATTENTION to the small print in carpet cleaning coupon deals, if it says something like “heavily soiled areas may required pretreatment” STAY AWAY.”

Prespray is the most important step in the carpet cleaning process. The prespray cleaning agent is what suspends (loosens) the dirt and grime that is attached to your carpet fibers so they can be effectively extracted with the steam cleaning process.


This step is what truly sets us apart from other carpet cleaning companies. After applying the pre-spray we use specialty machines to work the solution deep into your carpet fibers. Without this step only the tops of your carpet fibers get treated with the cleaning solution. By scrubbing the carpet with our counter rotation brush machines we ensure your carpet gets clean from the base all the way to the tips of the carpet fibers.


Truckmount steam cleaning, seems that everyone advertises that they have the “best” equipment on the market. Fact is there are many quality machines for cleaning carpet and the outcome of your carpet cleaning service will depend much more on the quality of the operator vs the equipment. That being said a quality truckmount that can produce heat over 200 degrees will typically produce the best results. Just as our name states we take out equipment to the “Next Level” as well. we utilize a truckmount machine that produce true steam (260 degrees) this gives you both a quality carpet cleaning and aids in providing the most sanitary carpet as well.


Our Max-Xtract process is different than other cleaners. Most carpet cleaners rush the rinse and extraction process of the carpet cleaning service. A proper technique is to apply the rinsing agent and extract with several passes to remove as much soil and moisture as possible (we call this our Max-Xtract process). Most cleaners will hurry this step and make only one extraction pass. This leaves the carpet fairly wet and doesn’t remove as much soil as possible. This typically causes a sub-par cleaning result. Carpet will take an excessive time frame to dry, soiled spots will reappear through the wicking process and as the carpet fibers dry and separate they expose areas where all the soil was not removed.

“Ever had a carpet cleaning job that looked good when it was finished however after drying it appeared dirty again and spots re-appeared?”

This doesn’t have to happen with the proper carpet cleaning technique.


Rinsing vs. “Shampooing”, When Gilbert carpet cleaning customers call and want their carpet “shampooed” I grimace ..While I know what they are asking the word “shampoo” is a bad word in my vocabulary. While some cleaners skip the prespray step altogether and use a shampoo (heavy residue cleaner) to steam clean with this IS NOT a quality carpet cleaning process. We use a quality low residue prespray cleaning agent to first spray on the carpet to suspend (loosen) the soil from the carpet fibers. Then when we extract with our steam cleaning process we use an acidic rinsing agent with our soft water system. This is extremely important because cleaning agents that actually loosen the soil from your carpet are typically a high PH (alkaline) cleaner and have some residue in the cleaner. By utilizing a low PH (acidic) rinsing agent this neutralizes the PH level in your carpet and flushing the residue out.

This is important for a couple reasons.

1. Carpet left in a high PH state can cause browning in the carpet fibers and

2. Residue left in the carpet will leave a sticky residue and will attract dirt causing your carpet to re-soil more quickly.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


It’s why we call ourselves Next Level, we work hard to demonstrate that every aspect of our cleaning service is truly taken to the “Next Level”. That’s why we offer a 30 day guarantee on all our carpet cleaning services. We want raving fans! We want each customer excited about our services & wanting to tell their friends, family & neighbors about our services.


I had Next Level clean our carpets about 6 weeks ago and they still look great! After other cleaners our carpets allows got dirty so quick…not with Next Level, Thanks Guys!

Lucy H. Phoenix, AZ


“…in the end it’s comes down to doing all the steps needed to deliver a truly superior carpet cleaning service.”


Included in EVERY NEXT LEVEL carpet cleaning service:


  • Customer Walk-through
  • Prevacuum (Professional Vacuum)
  • Spot & Stain (non-dye) Removal
  • Protect Your Home (corner guards)
  • Prespray (Low Residue Cleaning Agent)
  • Pre-Scrub carpet (cleans deeper)
  • Truckmount Steam Cleaning
  • No Residue Rinse w/Soft Water
  • Max-Xtract Cleaning Process


Included in EVERY Deluxe carpet cleaning service:


  • Customer Walk-through
  • Spot & Stain (non-dye) removal
  • Protect your home (corner guards)
  • Prespray (Low Residue Cleaning Agent)
  • Pre-Scrub carpet (cleans deeper)
  • Truckmount Steam Cleaning
  • Clean Rinse
  • Customer Job Review


pet odor removal image 1 pet odor removal image 2 pet odor removal image 3

Our 3 stage pet treatment process eliminates the source of the odor!

  1. STAGE 1: Topical Bacteria Killing Treatment: A  bacteria killing agent is sprayed over all the carpet surface and raked into the carpet fibers to kill of any odor causing bacteria embedded in the carpet fibers
  2. STAGE 2: Urine Stain Removal: Specialty stain remover is applied anywhere there is yellow discoloration caused by urine staining
  3. STAGE 3: Pad Extraction: Areas with heavy urine issues may require extraction from the padding (as shown in images to the left) the ensure that all urine and bacteria is removed and eliminates the possibility of stains returning after the carpet dries.

Our pet treatments do not just “cover” the smell, we actually remove the source of the odor. Don’t be fooled by cheap deodorization methods that only work for a few days!

SCOTCHGARD – 12 Months Warranty

Scotchgard protector is another service we offer. Scotchgard will help protect your carpet from spots & stains setting in & becoming permanent and/or difficult to remove. It will also make your vacuuming much more effective as daily dirt & grime that comes into you house will not attach to the carpet fibers allowing them to be removed with vacuuming.

“Our Scotchgard application comes with our exclusive 12 month spot and spill warranty!”

We have so much confidence in our product that if you happen to have a spot or spill on your carpet that you can’t clean up simply call us and we will rush out & take care of it for you!